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What to Expect During Your First Contact Lens Exam

It is only natural to be a little anxious about your first contact lens exam. If you have grown used to wearing glasses and don't really know what to expect from a contact lens fitting, rest assured you will be in the hands of a licensed optometrist who knows what they are doing. At your local eye care center in Rancho Cordova, we are committed to providing excellent eye care services to you as well as making sure your contact fitting goes on without a hitch. Follow this guide on what you can expect from your contact lens fitting at Dr. Dora Szymanowicz.

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Your Doctor Will Measure Your Eyes

A contact lens fitting is unlike any other kind of eye exam. During the fitting, your doctor will perform a number of tests and scans to see whether you are the right candidate for contact lenses in the first place. Some patients are not good candidates as they have astigmatism which is not conducive for contact lenses. A keratometer measures the surface area of the cornea and how light reflects off the eye's surface to see what kind of contact lens measurement you will need. The size of the pupil will be measured which will also determine the type of contact lens you will be fitted with. 

Can Dry Eyes Prevent Me from Getting Contacts?

While it can be assumed that dry eyes would stop you from being able to properly fit contact lenses in, your doctor will check to see if the glands surrounding your eyes can produce tears that help from your eyes getting dried out. This will help the doctor determine what type of contacts to prescribe. Additionally, patients with very dry eyes can purchase additional eye drops that will help keep eyes lubricated throughout the day and keep contacts from falling off or being rubbed out.  

Performing the Fitting

Once you and the physician have decided on the kind of contacts you would like to use, the doctor or an assistant will sit down with you and teach you the proper technique of handling the contact lenses from washing your hands to how to properly maneuver them and lay them onto the surface of your eyes. 

Making Sure the Contact Lenses Fit Properly

Once you and your provider have chosen the contacts that fit you best and that you feel the most comfortable with, the optometrist will examine how your contacts sit on the surface of your eye. Once there is confirmation here from the physician, you will be able to take home a certain supply of contact lenses for in-home use. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can call Dr. Dora Szymanowicz at 916-724-2265. 


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