Pediatric Eye Exams

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams from Dora Szymanowicz, OD

Children should visit their eye doctor regularly to make sure that they are growing and developing appropriately. Pediatric eye exams are very important for every child. The team from Dr. Dora Szymanowicz is here to make sure that every child has access to a pediatric eye doctor. With the help of an optometrist in Rancho Cordova, the eyesight of every child will be protected. There are a number of reasons why an annual eye exam is important for every child.


Catch Eye Issues Before They Cause Problems

There are several reasons why a child needs to have an eye exam performed on a regular basis. One of the most important reasons is that this provides the eye doctor with a chance to catch medical problems before they start to cause symptoms. Some of these problems might include retinoblastoma, amblyopia, a lazy eye, and even simple problems with visual acuity. Sometimes, the child is unable to voice when something is wrong with their vision. This is where the annual exam is so important. If the opportunity is there to correct an issue before it causes harm to the vision of a child, this opportunity needs to be taken. Annual pediatric eye exams are vital.

Provide Education and Guidance

These visits also provide our eye doctor with an opportunity to provide education and guidance to their patients and their family. Parents are going to have questions for the doctor regarding the health and growth of their child. The eye doctor is here to answer them. The eye doctor will also want to provide anticipatory guidance, giving parents a chance to plan for what's next. Education important in our office and we want to help patients and their families understand how vision grows and changes with age.

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These are only a few of the many reasons why someone needs to make sure their child receives eye care on a regular basis. Dr. Dora Szymanowicz is a highly trained family eye doctor who works hard to stay up to date on the latest research in the field. She consistently places the needs of her patients ahead of her own. This is reflected by the sterling reputation of the practice throughout the community. To learn more about our services, please call our office today at 916-638-7276 to make an appointment. We are here to help you and your family with all of your eye care needs.


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  • "Dora is so professional and seriously knows her stuff. When I went for an eye exam she was very thorough and very involved in understanding my needs and concerns. I would definitely go back and I would definitely recommend! Thank you Dora for being so amazing!"
    Simon P.
  • "I must save I'm very pleased with my level of care with Dr Dora!! She's very friendly, really thorough, explains things well, and is very skilled at her job. I'm really happy with the glasses and contact lenses that I got through her. My contacts are soOoo comfortable!! I trust her work very much adn I've referred a lot of my family and friends to her as well! You won't be disappointed!"
    Shirin Y.
  • "Very professional, friendly doctor and staff. Dr. Dora answered all of my questions and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone."
    Victoria G.