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Clear, reliable vision isn't just a skill or an innate ability. It's a delicate balancing act between the eyes and the vision center of the brain. All of these organs must operate in perfect sync with each other to produce the kind of everyday visual clarity we need and expect. Unfortunately, a variety of problems can interfere with normal visual function, leading to blurred vision and other disabling issues. If any member of your family is struggling with such functional problems, you may need to seek vision therapy from our optometrist in Rancho Cordova, Dora Szymanowicz, OD.


Conditions That May Call for Vision Therapy

The development of visual skills and coordination begins in infancy, making early childhood a critical period for eyesight. During this time, the eyes and brain are learning how to work together, a process that can go wrong if a functional problem gets in the way. Strabismus is one common example. A misalignment between the eyes can make muscular coordination and clear vision impossible. In some cases, strabismus may lead to amblyopia, in which the brain relies on one eye's input instead of the other's. A drooping eyelid (ptosis), juvenile cataracts, or other weaknesses in one eye can also produce this condition, which reduces a child's (or adult's) ability to perceive depth. Another problem, convergence insufficiency, makes it impossible to bring objects into focus without strain. Any of these conditions may call for vision therapy.

Eye function errors or eye-brain dysfunction may also occur later in life. A stroke, head injury, or other neurological crisis can affect the brain's visual processing abilities. Vision therapy may be necessary to re-train the brain's coordination with the eyes.

Exercises and Other Options to Improve Your Eyesight

Early intervention is the smartest strategy for correcting visual function problems in children. Our vision therapist in Rancho Cordova can conduct pediatric eye exams that reveal these problems and suggest a course of treatment. Older patients who have developed sudden changes in their vision may also find their answers through a comprehensive eye and vision exam.

Corrective exercises can help normalize eye function. For instance, we may prescribe "pencil push-ups" or other exercises aimed at strengthening the eyes' focusing muscles or improving eye teaming and tracking. Amblyopia can often be corrected through patching or other techniques that force the brain to make better use of the weaker eye. Specialized corrective lenses may also help.

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