Eye & Vision Exams

To make sure that your eye health is at its best, you will need to have a vision exam regularly with an optometrist in Rancho Cordova, CA. Dr. Dora Szymanowicz specializes in providing eye exams to patients of all ages at her office. Whether they’re eyeglasses or contact lenses exams, Dr. Szymanowicz has the necessary experience to provide eye testing that evaluates the overall health of eye to help prevent serious eye problems from occurring.


Eye Testing

Our optometrist uses different tests to examine each patient’s eyes. These tests are used to evaluate the health of a person’s eyes as well as their vision.  A standard eye chart is a part of visual acuity tests that measure how sharp your vision is. A small handheld chart is used to test your near vision while the far chart on a wall is used for testing distance vision. Color blindness is tested early on in an exam to see how your color vision is. The cover test is done to check eye alignment and to look for a lazy eye. Ocular motility tests focus on how well a patient’s eye can follow a moving objection. Problems with eye movement can lead to eye strain.

Depth perception is tested with a stereopsis test. A pair of 3D glasses is given to a patient who then looks at a series of patterns to point out which pattern looks closer than the others.

Retinoscopy is done for an eyeglass prescription. During this procedure, the room is dimmed and the patient looks at an E and is asked if his or her vision is getting better or worse as the optometrist makes adjustments with a phoropter.

A glaucoma test may also be done with a “puff of air” test. This is relatively painless.

For those wanting contact lenses, an additional exam is done to determine the proper prescription and size of contact lenses needed.

Call to Learn More about Eye Exams in Rancho Cordova

Dr. Dora Szymanowicz specializes in providing comprehensive eye exams to patients of all ages at her Rancho Cordova California eye center. She can answer any question you have about the testing done during a standard eye exam. In order to learn more about eye exams or to schedule an appointment for an eye exam from our optometrist in Rancho Cordova California, call our eye center at 916-724-2265 today.





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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dora is so professional and seriously knows her stuff. When I went for an eye exam she was very thorough and very involved in understanding my needs and concerns. I would definitely go back and I would definitely recommend! Thank you Dora for being so amazing!"
    Simon P.
  • "I must save I'm very pleased with my level of care with Dr Dora!! She's very friendly, really thorough, explains things well, and is very skilled at her job. I'm really happy with the glasses and contact lenses that I got through her. My contacts are soOoo comfortable!! I trust her work very much adn I've referred a lot of my family and friends to her as well! You won't be disappointed!"
    Shirin Y.
  • "Very professional, friendly doctor and staff. Dr. Dora answered all of my questions and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone."
    Victoria G.